Rediscovery: My love of running

A year ago, I was hitting my stride in Nashville in many senses of the word. Everything seemed to be falling into place. We were updating our house with little projects, I had just started coaching a half marathon group in town, I had reconnected with old friends and made new ones. We saw our families often. We found a wonderful church family. Nashville was finally feeling like home.

Fast forward a few months later, and the course of our lives changed. Chris was offered a job back in Dallas, and we had a very tough decision to make – stay or go. With a pivotal career move waiting in Dallas, we knew what the right decision was – but it was by no means the easy decision.

Welcome To Texas Sign

What followed was the toughest of years. It was hard to explain to our Nashville friends and family why we were moving. It was hard to quiet the voices that made us question our choices. It was really hard to live apart for a few months. It was even harder letting go of our Nashville life not knowing if Dallas would ever feel like home.  It was hard to explain to anyone really how emotionally taxing uprooting your lives is. We trudged ahead, bought a fixer upper outside of the city (an entire blog in itself) and tried to accept our new chapter. The downs were more frequent than the ups, and it was hard to adjust. I felt lost in every sense of the word.

I thought running would be my saving grace through this “transition” period but it made me deeply miss life in Nashville. It made me miss my running groups, my running friends, running in the neighborhood where all my old college friends lived and being able to drop by for coffee, brunch, dinner and just chatting for hours like old times. Running was so intertwined with a community of people I deeply missed that it made me sad.

It wasn’t until Ragnar in October that I was able to remind myself of the joy running brings me and how much of a part of me running is. I set out on a personal mission to figure out why I was avoiding running . It took me months to figure out but slowly and surely, I am regaining my passion for running. Instead of making me sad, it is opening new doors and building new friendships. Each mile makes me feel less lost and more at home. With new races ahead in 2014 to look forward to, I can’t wait to see what this year holds in terms of PRs, new running friends and getting further connected with my Oiselle teammates and the running community here.


Although last year was tough, we also had enormous blessings that I cannot go without mentioning. Our Dallas friends welcomed us back with open arms and made us feel truly loved. Our parents answered all of our venting phone calls, offered suggestions and solutions and came visit us to offer many a helping hand. Our new neighbors have really helped us to start making our house feel like home. For that, I cannot feel more blessed. My Ragnar teammates were truly magical and I know there are life long friends in that group! My Oiselle teammates have become like sisters. And all of you, for your encouragement and good wishes along the way – thank you.

Like they say, there is always a silver lining. Cheers to flying fast and far in 2014! 



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5 Responses to Rediscovery: My love of running

  1. Mom

    Well, may your feet run with joy, may your heart soar with happiness, and you feel the peace of mind that comes from giving yourself the gift of time. All will be well because you are loved dearly.

  2. So happy to hear you are refinding your joy in running!!! Excited for 2014 and 26.2 with YOU!!! Who knew I could possibly be SO excited to run a marathon???

  3. Being a military family, I have so much empathy regarding the moves and reestablishing new friends. I can say though that after several moves, running and local running groups have been my way of instantly creating a group of loving, welcoming friends in each place we’ve lived. I understand how you feel. I still miss my Northern VA. running friends, I have a wonderful group here, but oftentimes I long for the green trails, lush scenery and wonderful friends. Come for a visit here! Find a race and you and the hubs can stay with us! xoxoxo

  4. Sarah k

    Glad to have you back in Texas! Also glad I got to see you in action today – looked like you were having fun!

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