Join us for the New Year 24 Day Advocare Challenge

This Fall, Chris and I were introduced to Advocare after Chris won a 24 Day Challenge from a local advisor. We were both a bit skeptical at first but decided to give the challenge our best shot. After months of living in hotels, apartments and a house in the beginning stages of a major remodel; the stress of life had definitely taken its toll on us. Lots of take-out meals and loads of coffee and soft drinks to give us energy – we were both feeling worn down. Over the course of our challenge, we lost roughly 20 lbs. between us. With continued use of Advocare products, we have lost another 5 lbs. together bringing our total to 25 lbs. More important than the weight loss, we are both feeling amazing with tons of energy.

The program for the challenge was so easy to follow. The challenge is broken into two phases: The Cleanse Phase and The Max Phase. We were provided with supplements for each phase and a guide for what to do each day of the challenge.

Nutrition wise – we followed the recommendations (for the most part) in the guide which focused on clean eating and whole foods. We were really surprised on how much we were able to eat while still loosing pounds.

Energy wise – once we got to the Max Phase, our energy was through the roof. We have continued to take the MNS packs each day and love how great we are feeling.

Pros – simple, easy to follow, successful without having to kill ourselves at the gym

Cons – Chris said he missed milk

Check out the Advocare 24 Day website for further details, success stories and everything you get with the challenge.

Sounds like a program you could benefit from? Interested in joining us on a challenge in the New Year? We’ll be hosting a challenge starting on January 6th. We plan on offering prizes to our participants with great support along the way!



To join us:

  1. Order the 24 day challenge through our Advocare site
  2. If you are interested in getting a discount of 20% with your order, contact me so I can tell you more about being an Advocare distributor
  3. Email me at so we can add you to the list or if you have any questions

Chris and I are looking forward to completing the 24 day challenge with you and are excited to have a group of friends and family to share the experience with.

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  1. This is a great idea, I think everyone should take the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to start the year. That’s what great about the challenge, its not just about losing weight, its about looking and feeling better and getting your body ready so that you can reach optimal nutrition. Good share, Thanks

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