Year 29 Bucket List.

Today, I turn 29. My 28th year was by far the best yet.

I got engaged shortly before my 28th birthday.

We bought our house.

A place to call home.

We got married.

We celebrated our first Christmas.

A little bit of merry.

We brought home a cute and energetic pup. Chris named him Chester. Chester went from pup to 50 lb. lap dog.

Chester went from sleepy pup to keeping us on our toes.

After such a wonderful year, I am really looking forward to all the fun the last year of my 20′s will bring. I have been making a list of things I want to do in my 29th year – a bucket list of sorts. Some are tasty (fried chicken and sushi), some will be sweaty (sub 4 marathon), some will deepen my faith and some might be a little terrifying (driving Chris’ beast of a truck). I can’t wait! Follow along this next year as I mark off my bucket list.

Year 29 Bucket List

1. Run a trail race

2. Read my Bible more

3. Take my husband to Mardi Gras

4. Make my own pasta

5. Go to a honky-tonk

6. Go hiking in the mountains

7. Find a volunteer project

8. Have an awesome beach vacation with Chris and Chester

9. Visit NYC

10. Run a sub 4 marathon

11. Pray often

12. Attend a blog event

13. Try Crossfit

14. Host a party for our neighbors

15. Plant a garden

16. Go camping

17. Run a sub 7 mile without stopping

18. Catch a really big fish

19. Learn to drive Chris’ truck

20. Help with the running group at church

21. Renovate something

22. Decorate our house

23. Learn to make some of my Mom’s best recipes

24. Learn to sew

25. Learn more about photography

26. Do something really spontaneous

27. Make fried chicken

28. Make homemade sushi

29. Try Zumba

Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful week. I am heading to Louisiana this weekend, and marathon training is officially starting next week. I can’t wait to be back in Bayou Country – I haven’t been home since Christmas.  I’m looking forward to sharing all the fun with ya’ll!


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2 Responses to Year 29 Bucket List.

  1. Casey

    How about I help with the Zumba, Camping, and Fried Chicken if you promise not to make me help with the sub 7 mile and sub 4 marathon. :)

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