RW Run Streak – Week 1 Recap

Streaking is usual taboo and frowned upon. It’s sometimes criminal.

Run streaking, however, is totally different.  I decided to take on the Runners World Run Streak this year for a few reasons. Mainly, I need to get back to a consistent running schedule and build up mileage before NYCM (New York City Marathon) training starts in mid-June. I also needed a push to get out the door and run when it’s hot or when I am traveling for work.

The RW Run Streak started on Memorial Day. The gist is to run every day from Memorial Day to July 4th. Runners must run at minimum 1 mile per day to keep the streak alive.

I was up for the challenge, but also wanted to be smart. I commonly injure myself due to  over training. Thus, I decided I would make sure I listened to my body when it came to participating.

Here’s how week 1 of Run Streak went:

Monday – Ran the Hendersonville Classic 10K with my friend from church, Jae Jae. The race was hot and hilly, and the heat got to me by mile 2. My 10K PR is a 53:23, and I finished this race in 1:03:49. I was disappointed by my finish but glad that I got to see Jae Jae and her husband (who won second in his age group for the 5K). Another great part of this race is I met one of the women I ran alongside for a lot of the Viola Half. I tried to keep up with Becky this race but fell behind in the later miles. Hopefully, we will run into each other again at future races. Meeting new runners is one of my favorite parts about racing.

Jae Jae and I at the 10K.

Tuesday – The rain came so off I went to the gym.  Two miles on the treadmill at the YMCA.

Rainbow after the rain.

Wednesday – I was beat, so I ran 1.25 miles around the neighborhood and called it a night. Although it was a short run, it was still great to get moving.

Thursday – One of the things I love about where my new job is located is that there are tons of paved sidewalks and some running trails nearby. After almost 2 months at my new job, I finally tested out the routes around work and logged 5 miles. My only goof was that I ran the entire way on the concrete sidewalks and realized later that there is an asphalt runners trail on the opposite side of the road. I felt ok on this run minus my right ankle being sore.

Friday – After pounding 5 miles out on concrete, my right ankle was really bothering me Friday. I decided against running on Friday because the last thing I need is an injury at the start of NYCM training. I have to remind myself that the one running goal I have this year is a sub 4 marathon at NYCM. I was a bit sad that I broke the streak but decided to try 6 days of running to keep building mileage in a safe way.

Saturday – This was my favorite running day of the week because I got to run with Jae Jae again. Jae Jae is heading up our Eagles of Hope Running Club, and I plan on being really involved with the group this year. She is also training for the NYCM as well. We ran 4 miles prior to meeting up with the group and chit chatted about plans for the running group. We ran another 3 miles once the rest of the group was ready to run. The weather was perfect, and I really love logging miles on the Stones River Greenway. I am so thankful it’s close to our house and love that Nashville has such a great trail system.

Sunday – I did the math on our way to church on Sunday and figured out that I needed 3.55 miles to be at an even 25 miles for the week. I thought about upping the mileage but played it safe and ran 3.55 miles around our neighborhood after a lovely day of church, grass cutting and visit with family in Clarksville. Running is one of my favorite ways to end the day.

Total miles for the week: 25

Fastest mile: 9:09 min

Thankfully, each run got progressively easier which is a huge relief because I was getting worried after my Viola finish time and the really hard 10K on Monday. My legs are really tired so I am trying to stretch and foam roll as much as I can. I am planning on 27 to 30 miles this week to keep (my version) of the streak alive. More exciting about this week’s running will be running my old long run route at White Rock Lake when I visit Dallas this weekend. Most exciting is that I will get to see some of my favorite Dallas friends this weekend.

Love these girls.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

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