Its November 23rd! How is it November 23rd already?! This year has been a whirlwind. I know most people wait until the turkey is on the table to say everything they are thankful for, but I am not most people and I am not patient (Chris is silently agreeing with this statement as he is reading this).

In honor of the 23rd, here’s 23 things I am very thankful for this year:

1. My husband

2. Our house

3. My family

4. Chris’ family

5. My Cajun clan in Clarksville

6. My new zip code

7. My friends

8. New running friends

9. Wedding gifts

10. Family furniture

11. The hope of a puppy in the near future

12. The impending nuptials of the world’s best brother and his sweet fiance

13. Going to the shooting range with the husband

14. The upcoming turkey shoot

15. My new iPhone

16. Satellite Radio

17. My Kindle

18. My new running coach

19. YMCA of Middle Tennessee

20. Swamp People

21. Fall

22. Christmas music

23. All of you wonderful people who are reading this.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you and yours. I hope it’s blessed with love and laughter.


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